Bring Your Chair Cozy Festival

Μια πρωτοβουλία για την προώθηση του πολιτισμού στα νησιά μας.

Bring Your Chair Festival / Serifos / Sifnos /


Bring Your Chair/Cozy Festival was the idea of two friends, Faye Kazantzidou, an art director from Thessaloniki, and Paola Jovinelli, a businesswoman from Milan, who met up every summer for years in Sifnos. They wanted to enhance their own and other residents and visitors’ summer experience with cultural get-together events. The concept and inspiration came from the ‘60s, when the traveling cinema would come to villages and set up on a chair, projecting the film onto the walls of houses. The spectators brought chairs to sit and watch the show. Initially gatherings for film projections and follow-up discussions, at their own or friends’ houses, the Festival has expanded to include music performances, book readings and other events, and to a variety of venues and locations around Sifnos, and more recently to the nearby island of Serifos.


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